WordPress is a popular software for building websites. You can get a free account at wordpress.com and try it out.

Following is the outline of learning WordPress from my site:

  1. WordPress overview

Installing WordPress is just the first step.  Thereafter, you will typically need:

  1. Select a theme (responsive, free/pay, woo commerce, …)
  2. Customize the theme:
    1. Make a child theme
    2. Disable the breadcrumb if you don’t want it
    3. Tune the menu font
  3. To make your web site even better, you may want to
    1. hide / show  side widgets on specific pages
    2. Add a Responsive Menu to WordPress Twenty Twelve Template
    3. Inserts text above header and/or below footer of any WordPress Site via Header and Footer Commander plugin.

To be cont’d…


how wordpress works

how wordpress works

25 Responsive WordPress Theme Tutorial

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