OpenOffice Calc macro: sort a cell range

sortRange(destSheet, 0, y1, 25, J-1)


Sub sortRange(oSheet as Object, x1 as Integer, y1 as Integer, x2 as Integer, y2 as Integer)
 Dim aSortFields2(2) as Object 
 Dim aSortDesc(0) as New 
 For i =0 to 2 
 aSortFields2(i)= New 
 Next i

oRange = oSheet.getCellRangeByPosition(x1, y1, x2, y2) 'range B1:F7

aSortFields2(0).Field = 6 
 aSortFields2(0).SortAscending = True 'sort ascending by column G
 aSortFields2(1).Field = 11 
 aSortFields2(1).SortAscending = True 'then sort ascending by column L
 aSortFields2(2).Field = 12 
 aSortFields2(2).SortAscending = True 'then sort ascending by column M
 aSortDesc(0).Name = "SortFields" 
 aSortDesc(0).Value = aSortFields2() 
End Sub


How to sort a cellrange in Calc using Basic

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